Terms and Conditions

Focus Weddings aims for 100% customer satisfaction when working with you throughout your special day.


Please read the following before booking.


1) On booking your wedding package with us a £150.00 deposit is required to secure your wedding date, please note that this deposit is non-refundable. 


2) If  for unseen circumstances your wedding booking has to be cancelled, we will try to re-book your wedding date so we can re-fund you your money . However this will not cover the deposit booking.


3) We will arrange payment days with you once booking has been made and the deposit has been cleared. Please be aware that if a scheduled payment is late there could be an extra late charge due.


4) Products created and sent out via postal services after your wedding, are covered by insurance for loss or damages. Please note that once items have been dispatched we have no control over arrival times including delays.


5) The name / business Focus Weddings and any product affiliated with the name Focus Weddings is copyrighted (Unless specified to you for contents use) no item is to be reproduced or sold to consumers, if this should happen legal action will be carried out. However your video & photos are copyright free to yourselves.


1) Is this your main line of work?

Yes I am a full time photographer

2) What will be your attire on the day?

I always wear a suit and tie

3) When do we book the pre-shoot?

The pre-shoot is booked approximately six month prior to the wedding 

4)  Who chooses the location for the pre-shoot?

As you can imagine, I know many wonderful sites which are ideal, but I am also happy to shoot at a location of your choice

5) Our Vicar would like to know how long will it take for the post-ceremonial photos to be taken?

Allow about one hour after you exited the church

6) How long  the photo coverage will take before the Wedding Breakfast can be served?

I advice to set aside about two hours, but I am very accommodating and can work both with your and the Venue's organizers requirements

7) How long will it be before we will receive our wedding photos?

You will receive them within two weeks, or when you have returned from your honeymoon

8) When will the album layout process begin?

This is entirely up to you, just contact me when ready and we can begin